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What does a CEO mean to a company?

CEOs have the power to make strategic decisions that impact the entire organization and its stakeholders, including employees, customers, investors. However, the position of a CEO also presents a range of challenges.

With StragetixSim, Creating a simulation of how might the business work under some business strategies can help gauge the success and failure along the way and make informed decisions.

What's Behind?
Key Idea
Users can look at Gemstones - rearrange and compare them.
Predicted insights will be generated after arranging the gemstones.
Case Studies 1.png
Access to business case studies and various othe resources.
The Journey

What’s keeping CEO’s up at night?

The position of a CEO also presents a range of challenges and potential problems. These challenges can include issues related to leadership, communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, and balancing the needs of different stakeholders I did not want to jump right into ideating concepts based on assumptions. Instead, I wanted to understand how might we design a solution incorporating the gemstones for iTeam to provide a better experience of using gemstones strategy for their clients.

Group 11916.png
Our approach



The main goal with this research is to understand people's actions, needs and behaviors to gain a deeper understanding of the problems, and receive valuable insights for the design decisions on this project.
When preparing the script, I kept the questions open enough for the participant to elaborate on their situation to get their perspective.

We asked how would removing risks to the process would help them.
We asked them about common challnges faced by CEO’s
We also asked them the pros and cons of having a community of CEO’s
There must be something out there

I scoured the internet and the App Store, convinced that there must be something that might help me get rid of this headache. Most of the options I found were either too limited in terms of engagement and accessibility. They were more focussed on promoting outdated business strategies that didn’t align with the real life scenarios and they didn't support multiple user access.

Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 2_edited_edited
Persona Development

From the data i collected, I designed an ideal persona to represent how I believed my target user would turn out and what their intended user experience would include. It later evolved into an experience map, which documented the user's journey and emotional responses to each touchpoint within the program.

Group 33718.png


Taking a dive

To address this problem, we began by brainstorming. From there, we were able to determine which actions and features were critical and valuable, and we developed multiple storyboards for different concepts based on these conclusions. We intended to provide a seamless experience for our target customers by emphasizing current market trends and importance of networking.

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-06 at 2.49 1.png

The app’s initial design involved four main features that include gemstone simulator, strategy comparison, connections and case studies. We have designed low fidelity mockups based on the data from storyboarding and sketches.

Frame 2072 1.png
High-fidelity Design

However, after user-testing the app with a handful of people, we have found out that not all users would be interested in using the simulation but some of them would rather try different approaches and learn/pickup things while experimenting. In this phase, our emphasis was put on creating two different versions of the product one was a business game and the other data heavy simulation. So we then designed high fidelity mockups focussed on visual consistency and how our interface and interaction could serve the core functionalities.

1. Simulation
2. Simulation game
3. Resources

Evaluation and Future steps


However, after user-testing the app with a handful of people, it was apparent that users would like to simultaneously work with different strategies rather than a single one. So the latest design would allow them to try out different things, compare and pick out the best aspects of multiple strategy to prepare an end strategy.

Frame 2073.png
It’s hard to know the strategies that go into making a business and if they’re gonna work
Maybe making it accesible to companies and people outside the iteam community could be the way to go
Likes the fact that you can simulate and see the output
I Like the fact that you can do it at your own pace
There is still a lot more to explore with StrategixSim. What if the gaming experience could be made better? Can more data collection would improve the accuracy of the model? How would users like the simulation game to evolve and how it is catering to their needs?

Testing with more target users for concept validation.

Conduct extensive testing with a diverse group of target users, including CEOs and business professionals, to gather feedback on the simulation game.

Getting a better understanding about gamifying the experience.

Further explore and understand the principles of gamification to enhance the overall experience of Gemstone. Collaborate with gamification experts or conduct additional research to identify innovative ways to make strategic decision-making within the simulation both educational and entertaining.

Data collection of businesses and training the model with proper data.

Initiate a robust data collection process to gather information from various businesses, industries, and scenarios. Ensure the dataset is diverse and representative to train the simulation model effectively. Collaborate with industry experts and consultants to validate the accuracy and relevance of the data.

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